Terms & Conditions
Last Updated on June 10th, 2020.
Terms and Conditions of 90 Day FBA.

1. Group Calls

There will be only 2 group call times to choose from.  So you will have to be flexible with us. 


If you miss a group call, you miss it. 

2. VIP 1:1 Calls

• You will choose a time of the week that works for you from my booking calendar, and the Zoom meeting will be automatically scheduled for the same time each week. 

• If you need to reschedule just let me know 48+ hours in advance. 

• You get a max of 2 emergency reschedules inside 48 hours, including missed calls.  

• Sometimes things come up and I have to reschedule. I will try to let you know asap if I need to reschedule. 

3. No Secret Products / Niches

I've found that it's not as effective when people try to keep their products secret. Good ideas happen when we discuss your product ideas openly as a group. For this reason, you will be required to discuss your product ideas and product choice on the group calls. Everyone promises to not copy you.  If you are gung-ho on keeping your product/niche secret, this program is not for you.

4. Non-compete: Don't steal anyone's product idea

In no event shall a member copy a product idea or create a product that directly competes with the product of another member.  

5. Beyond 12 Weeks

After the 12 week period, there will be an option to continue joining 90 Day FBA Alumni group calls for separate tuition fee. 

Riley Bennett
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