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Episode 18: 
Coming Soon.
Coming Soon. Stay Tuned! We'll be bringing you more world class experts in key areas of  
E-Commerce and Amazon FBA! 

Are you an expert? Do you know of an expert in a key area of E-Commerce/Amazon FBA? Then we'd love to hear from you! We may invite you to be a guest speaker at one of our up-coming Masterclasses! 
Episode 17:
Coming Soon.

Coming Soon. Stay Tuned! We'll be bringing you more world class experts in key areas of  
E-Commerce and Amazon FBA! 

Are you an expert? Do you know of an expert in a key area of E-Commerce/Amazon FBA? Then we'd love to hear from you! We may invite you to be a guest speaker at one of our up-coming Masterclasses! 
 Episode 16:
Rory Ramsden, Master Wordsmith.
Advanced Copywriting For Amazon 2020 & Beyond. 
Rory is a master wordsmith. In this powerful Masterclass, he shares with us how compelling story telling can help Ecommerce and Amazon FBA sellers to strengthen their brand and increase conversions and connect better with their target audience in order to sell more. He shares some of his best and advanced copy writing tips for Amazon in 2020 and beyond. 
Episode 15: 
Anthony Cofrancesco,
Industry Liaison For 
Pick Fu.
Killer Image Optimization Tips. 
Anthony Cofrancesco is the Industry Liaison of PickFu. He’s the previous owner of Virtuous Graphics, a marketing agency offering copywriting, graphic design, photography, and videography to Amazon sellers. He even worked at Amazon early in his career. In this Masterclass, he'll share with us some absolutely killer tips on how to optimize your listing like a CHAMP. This is one of our top masterclasses so far by the pure and sheer quality of the content! Do NOT miss this one! 
Episode 14:
Davide Nicolucci, Founder We Are Growth Hack.
Facebook Ads Tips For Your Amazon Sellers. Part II.
In this second part, Davide comes back with another high level content packed Masterclass, this time on how to properly drive external traffic to your Amazon FBA listing, with the emphasis on Facebook Ads. He'll cover not only the basics of driving external ads to your listing but also goes in depth into Facebook Ads and Amazon PPC Twin Campaigns. He gives us actionable tips that you can implement today into your Amazon FBA to increase and scale up your sales using the incredible reach and power of Facebook ads. 

 Episode 13:
Davide Nicolucci, Founder We Are Growth Hack, 
How To Rank Your Product On Amazon In 2020. Part I. 

Davide is a superstar when it comes to growth hacking your amazon business. He is a speaker at major Ecommerce/Amazon FBA events. He is going to share with us what you need to do in order to rank higher your products on Amazon. He’ll also share what is the Relevancy Score and why it is such a crucial factor in ranking high. This is an info packed Masterclass with actionable tips that you can implement right now in your Amazon FBA business to boost your rankings. Do not miss this one! 
Episode 12:
Brendon Fields, Founder/CEO Of Rebaid.com
Amazon FBA Launch Strategy: How To Quickly Rank Using Giveaways

Brendon is not only a very experienced high 7 figure seller on Amazon but also the Founder of Rebaid.com, a service that helps Amazon sellers with their launch services to rank high rapidly. This is definitely one Masterclass you do not want to miss as it's packed with actionable tips that you can implement right away into your Amazon FBA business.
Episode 11:
CJ Rosenbaum, The Amazon Sellers Lawyer.
How to Fix Hijacked Listings & A Lot More.
CJ Rosenbaum is one of the top leading lawyers when it comes to Amazon selling. He's also a very highly after sought after speaker at some of the biggest and most prestigious Amazon related conferences such as the Global Sources in Hong Kong. In this Masterclass, shares with us tons of golden nuggets as well as announcing a big move by Amazon! Make sure you watch this Masterclass as it'll open your eyes to the best way to face any legal issues that you may encounter in your Amazon FBA business. 
 Expisode 10:
Nate Ginsburg,  How to Sell your Amazon Store for $1,000,000 ♻️ Prepare & Automate Masterclass.
Nate is a very successful Amazon seller. He started selling on Amazon in 2015. Fast forward to a couple of years later, he sold his business for near a Million dollars! In this jam packed Masterclass, Nate goes in details in how he built his business from zero to where he was about to sell it for a big pay day! He's also sharing with us invaluable tips on how to prep your business for a big exit. This is one Masterclass you do not want to miss!
Episode 9:
Rico Ngoma,
CEO Of Source Find Asia.com
Rico is the CEO of the Source Find Asia, a leading sourcing firm based in Guangzhou, China. Rico and his partner have a combined 15 years experience in the sourcing, manufacturing and quality control fields. In this Masterclass, Rico shares with us their proven and successful SAFE method to find and select the ideal manufacturer. He’s also dropping a ton of golden nuggets that you all will benefit! Do not miss this one!
Episode 8:
Emma Schermer Tamir,
Writing Winning Copy For Your Listings.
Emma Schermer Tamir transforms her insatiable curiosity into conversion-spiking copy. As co-founder of Marketing by Emma (www.marketingbyemma.com), she’s helped over 700 businesses from around the world boost to their sales and build their brands online. Create best selling product pages, Amazon listings, and website copy that makes your dream clients excited to click "Add to Cart" with the Emmazon team!

 Expisode 7:
Baptiste Porzier,
EU Marketplace Director at Sweet-Fecom LTD Sourcing, Successful Amazon Seller In France.   
Baptiste is an expert in the European Market place. He has a lot of experience with Amazon having lived in China for a few years now. He has been helping and coaching Chinese companies how to sell and dominate in the European market places on Amazon. He's also a very successful seller himself, especially in the French market. In this Masterclass, Baptiste has been dropping a TON of golden nuggets for dominating it in the huge EU market place!
Expisode 6:
Debbie From Offbeatlife.com,
Start Your Podcast.
Debbie talks about how she started traveling the world working online and started a podcast around it. Now, she's teaching others how to start their own podcast and go after their dreams. Very inspiring story!
Episode 5:
Steven Selikoff, Negotiation Wizard.
Former Microsoft Executive, best selling author, highly sought after speaker at the biggest conferences on Amazon FBA around the world, Steven shares with us his killer negotiation tips from his experience selling on Amazon since 2006!  This is one Masterclass that you may want to watch at least a couple of times!
 Expisode 4:
Johnny Loh, Kickstarter Expert.  
Johnny shares with us his fascinating journey of not only crushing it on Amazon but also how he's launched multiple products using the power of Kickstarter. He's raised millions of dollars from Kickstarter and has launched  multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses using the power of crowdfunding.
Expisode 3:
Johnny FD, Founder Of Travel Like A Boss Podcast.
Johnny shares with us his fascinating journey going from broke to high 6 figures with Dropshipping while traveling the world like a boss. He also explains the differences between dropshipping and Amazon FBA and the pros and cons of each.
Episode 2:
Andy Church, Founder/CEO Of Insight Quality.
Andy is a true world class expert in the area of inspections and quality control. He's got a wealth of experience with his almost 20 years in China. This is one episode you do not want to miss as it's packed with golden nuggets from start to finish!
Episode 1:
Meghla Bhardwaj, Founder Of India Sourcing Trip.
Meghla  has opened up our eyes to the unlimited opportunities that India represents when it comes to sourcing a product for our E-Commerce/Amazon FBA businesses. You may want to watch this one a couple of times  and take notes. It's THAT good!
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